Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Here is a close up! :)
Romper-F21 / Shoes-Steve Madden

LOVE MY STEVE MADDENS! This pair is called “CRAIZIE”… and in all seriousness, these shoes are insane! they are lace up leather shoes with wooden heels and very similar to jeffrey campbells :) You've probably seen them in several of my blog posts because I feel that these look good with any kind of outfit.. I don't think you understand how much I love these!!! 

Go get a pair HERE and enjoy yourself! xoxo

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Dress-F21 / Tights-F21 / Scarf-F21 / Necklace-Simply Vera (Vera Wang for Kohl's) / Shoes-ELLE (Kohl's)

Hey everyone! I am SO sorry for not updating my blog recently! I've been extremely busy with college apps and school :/ ughhhh I'm so stressed!! But I already got into two colleges so I'm pretty happy about that :) I wore this cute little white dress to school today (it was crazy cold and rainy outside...what a bummer) I just received this in the mail a few days ago from F21 (I swear I'm addicted to this store...gosh darn it) and I freakin love ittt! The sleeves are super cute and the material is surprisingly thick. What a fantastic purchase of only $13!
I decided to change the scenery a bit and took these pictures in my living room, a place where lonely pieces of furniture are scattered around and neglected. I don't think my mom has ever stepped foot in this room...what a waste! I absolutely love the floral design of this love's just so delicate :)

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P.S. The necklace can be found here:

Sunday, November 20, 2011


All-F21 / Shoes-Steve Madden

For Chictopia's Week of Giving, I’ve chosen Operation Smile because it is such a great organization that changes people’s lives. All the donations help pay for surgeries (cleft lips, etc.) and the equipment and supplies needed for these surgeries. I’m so touched by the results I see in the post-surgery pictures! This organization allows both children and adults to smile and feel confident and live normal lives :) Please donate HERE and favorite my chictopia post HERE!! :)

Monday, November 14, 2011


Dress-F21 / Necklace-Jewelmint(Astoria) / Shoes-Steve Madden

One of my all-time favorite dresses. It's so delicate and cute...and a modern twist to the typical LBD. I'm also wearing my cherished Astoria necklace from Jewelmint. It's such a priceless piece of jewelry that really adds an extra oomph to any outfit. :)



Sweater-The Limited / Scarf-vintage / Leggings-H&M / Shoes-Spring

This is what I wore to school today :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Sweater-Romeo & Juliet Couture / Top-Zara / Skirt-F21 / Shoes-F21

As you can tell, Jersey weather during this time is just fabulous...
I should be doing my homework right now or applying to college...but I'd rather take pictures in the cold and update my blog! :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011


I'm mad this wasn't focused properly :( ...... anyways this is my dog Sunny!

Top-F21 / Skirt-H&M / Necklace-F21 / Shoes-Spring

I recently bought these floral flats from a store called Spring. They are super comfy and pair well with many outfits :) Plus, they were only $20!! I feel like I've been getting such great deals when I go shopping! Anyways, I felt the need to create a cutesy outfit that would compliment these shoes, so I looked through my closet and found a white lace top and a flowy denim skirt. I love how this turned out, but more importantly...what do YOU think of this outfit?

P.S. That was my dog Sunny! I've had him for over 8 years now :) I will be dedicating a specific post just for him in the future!

Friday, November 11, 2011

I love H&M sales!

 Dress-H&M / Belt- F21 / Shoes-Steve Madden

Yesterday, I went shopping my best friend from out of town and we perused the mall for the best sales. We ended up at H&M and I purchased this lovely cream/off-white dress for a mere $10! What a bargain! It was originally $25. Not paying full price makes me so happy :) It was a size medium, but I usually wear a small, so I put on a braided brown leather belt to cinch my waist and make the dress less boxy looking.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


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 Top-Kenar / Skirt-F21 / Booties-Steve Madden

Look how cute this skirt is!! I recently bought this from my beloved Forever's a pleated red skirt with CHEETAH BOW TIES! Can it get any cuter than that?! I tucked in my super-baggy, poncho-like black sweater into my skirt and paired this outfit with a sleek pair of Steve Madden leather booties. This is the type of outfit that I would wear to lunch with friends and family OR to school (minus the booties...I would wear flats instead). Super comfy and adorable! :)



Blazer-F21 / Dress-H&M / Shoes-Steve Madden

Is it weird that I like to play dress up sometimes? I can't wait to be able to wear blazers and heels whenever I want! Blazers are sometimes too formal for high school and heels are only appropriate for parties (at my age). I usually wear this kind of outfit when I go out to eat with my parents :)